We have been developing and delivering programmes that impact disaffected young people since 2006.

Our Approach

We believe that the success of a programme depends on two factors:

How you deliver your programme is as important as what you deliver

Relationship is central to the effectiveness of any work with children and young people

We believe it is essential to create an environment where children and young people feel safe, welcome, valued and listened to, creating the opportunity to effect them with the content of the programmes we deliver.

Two-thirds of the young people we have mentored have returned to full-time education

Our History

Future Skills Training began as a not-for profit organisation in March 2006 and became a registered charity in June 2007.



  • Impacted 213 young people across 4 projects
  • 50% of Learn2Live leavers re-engaged with education despite us experiencing a greater lethargy amongst some young people which led to poor attendance and punctuality.
  • 80% of the year 6's that were mentored had a positive transition to secondary school
  • 100% of the at risk primary aged pupils who were mentored remained in school
  • 161 young people attended Infuse, we had 37 regulars and 6 young people volunteered


  • Impacted 247 young people across 5 projects.
  • 75% of Learn2Live leavers re-engaged with education
  • 71% of mentees continue to be mentored and 14% secured employment
  • 227 young people attended Infuse with an average of 17 being regulars.


  • Impacted 279 young people across 5 projects.
  • 57% of Learn2Live leavers re-engaged with education either mainstream or alternative.
  • 22 Learn2Live students achieved 23 AQA Unit Awards between them.
  • 71% of mentees progressed to full time education, either mainstream or alternative.
  • 263 young people attended Infuse with 39 of them being regulars.

Future Skills Training is governed by a board of trustees that meets at least 4 times per year.

"May I take this great opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent work you have been doing with all of the children, hang on in there!!!"

Sheron Robinson

Allocated Social Worker, Children & Young People's Service, Lambeth

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