We have been developing and delivering programmes that impact disaffected young people since 2006.

Here at future skills, we aim to build long term relationships that provide encouragement and support, empowering young people to make positive choices and achieve. Our small staff team have years of experience and expertise and we tailor our approach for each individual young persons needs.

"I just wanted to say thank you for how much you’ve helped me mature and grow mentally and emotionally, you’re a person in my life I will always value and have upmost respect for, even when I didn’t want to fully put the effort in you pushed me to want more for myself, thank you Phil."

Mentee of 6 years

Our Approach

We believe that the success of a programme depends on two factors:

How you deliver your programme is as important as what you deliver

Relationship is central to the effectiveness of any work with children and young people

We believe it is essential to create an environment where children and young people feel safe, welcome, valued and listened to, creating the opportunity to effect them with the content of the programmes we deliver.

Over the last 3 years, 76% of young people who completed their mentoring achieved a positive outcome

"The whole team worked well with SG offering support to her needs and understanding her ability and were very flexible and agile around the sensitivity of my child. FST were very engaging and made a positive experience for my child. The team are understanding towards the impact a young person’s needs are on the family and were supportive and helpful and showed understanding through difficult times."

Parent of Mentee

Our History

Future Skills Training began as a not-for profit organisation in March 2006 and became a registered charity in June 2007.



  • Impacted 75 young people across 3 projects.
  • Delivered 4 successful summer trips with funding from Battersea Summer Scheme.
  • Mentored 23 young people, 90% of mentees had a positive outcome.
  • Built relationships with 25 Infuse attendees.
  • Helped our year 10/11s build strong CVs.


  • Impacted 120 young people across 5 projects.
  • 100% of Learn2Live leavers re-engaged with education.
  • 66% of Learn2Live pupils remained at the PRU so some will return to us next year to continue their development.
  • Mentored 14 young people and 1 parent. 8 mentees finished with positive outcomes, the other mentoring was impacted by lockdown.
  • Delivered 'Summer Unlocked' project, 12 young people attended cooking and writing sessions over 5 weeks. All those attended enjoyed the sessions.
  • All our work was affected by lockdown, with very little delivered between middle of March and July.


  • Impacted 133 young people across 4 projects.
  • 78% of Learn2Live leavers re-engaged with education
  • 80% of those young people who completed mentoring achieved a positive outcome.
  • Relationships at Infuse were really solidified this year allowing staff to give more individualised support.
  • Battersea Lions FC played in the premier division this season and managed to finish mid table - a great success for the first season in the premier division, showcasing their hard work and commitment.


  • Impacted 184 young people across 5 projects.
  • 89% of those young people who completed their mentoring achieved a positive outcome.
  • A successful residential on Dartmoor in partnership with 3 other local youth organisations (Providence House, Carneys, FAST). 12 young people attended and all had a great time.
  • Battersea Lions FC won their league!!
  • Many of our Infuse regular beneficiaries attended weekly, allowing for greater relationship building and impact.

Future Skills Training is governed by a board of trustees that meets at least 4 times per year.

"My time with future skills began this year and it has been a pleasure to work with the students at the Clapham provision due to the calming atmosphere that is present at Future skills. The students all seem relaxed and happy, which makes my interventions easier because they are in a better place emotionally. What is equally impressive is observing the good and respectful relationship the students have with the staff at future skills. When I have spoken with each student briefly, they all comment on how much they are enjoying themselves."

Kiros Hetep

Catch 22 Counsellor

We are a founding member of Youth Battersea, a partnership of 5 Battersea based youth organisations (FAST, Carneys Community, Caius House, Providence House & Future Skills)

Our Supporters

St. Mark's, Battersea Rise Battersea Summer Scheme London Youth 2019-22 The National Lottery Community Fund Wandsworth Council Investment Quorum The Childhood Trust Virgin Money UCL Co-op	 Local Community Fund Sole Beauty Euromonitor